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Tweet The day before I left Cape Town I spent the morning photographing at the studio of Missibaba a luxury accessory design label established in 2005 by leather aficionado Chloe Townsend. Chloe and her team produce some beautiful bags and accessories with fantastic bright prints, they radiate happiness! I turned up wearing my latest thrift store [...]


Tweet I was met with a lot of love in Cape Town. The story of how I met Joe is a long one, so in a nutshell: I had a meeting about 40 min away from Cape Town so like the city girl I am I had it all planned out, jump on the train [...]


Tweet Khayelitsha is a beautiful part of Cape Town, I didn’t visit until close to the end of my trip. I wish I had of discovered the area earlier as I would have loved to spend more time there. Next time.


Tweet Every now and then I do something a little crazy, I take some photos that I think aren’t up to standard, that don’t make the cut for my blog. So I post them on my facebook page thinking that you will know the difference you will some how look at them differently and well, [...]

Women’s Day

Tweet A little tribute to all the beautiful women in this world. x


Tweet I am a little overwhelmed at the moment as I have so many images to edit and the task seems almost impossible, this one however I had to share. This is Joy!

South Africa.

Tweet Some words I wrote recently about South Africa and me. Smiles so wide Distances so great Alone, Alive. Lessons Learnt, taught. Self


Tweet I am guilty. For a long time I have been taking my gift for granted. I thought seeing was a given, something we all do so why celebrate it? Why? Because seeing is amazing, it is a huge gift. To take in all the beauty that is in this world, to see the bad [...]


Tweet A day at the beach, what is there to say really?……


Tweet Last Tuesday which happened to be valentines day I had the beautiful opportunity of joining James from Uthando to visit some wonderful projects that are happening in the Cape Flats area of Cape Town a place where thousands of people live and survive in very stark contrast to the luxury that is found in [...]


Tweet The public transport in Cape Town is, limited. The best way to get around if you dont have a car is by Mini Bus Taxi or as I like to call them MBT, it costs 6 Rand (.60 cent) and every journey is an adventure. The MBT’s have set routes and will pick you [...]

Lost City

Tweet Today I went to Lost City, a township in Cape Town I was intrigued by the name so thought I would get on the bus and see where it took me. After boarding the bus (which I was two hours early for) these are some of the things my fellow passengers had to say after finding [...]


Tweet Last week I spent the day with Felix who’s job it is to look after a car park. He works mon-fri, 6am-6pm. He earns 1600 rand a month (160 Euro) He makes tips up to 100 rand (10 Euro) if it’s a good day. He is going to be a dad in May. Thanks Felix [...]

A quiet saturday night.

Tweet I just started to cook dinner when I heard some loud drumming, I grabbed my camera (put some pants on) and ran out to investigate. I was delighted to find a bus load of Minstrels come to entertain the neighbourhood in an unannounced performance.  They made a quick march around the block before getting [...]

My Cape Town

Tweet Due to popular demand here is another round of images from Cape Town, taken mostly in Woodstock where I am staying. Enjoy.